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Answers to Your Questions

What if I need more support with the program?

We know that everyone learns differently. That is why within the program we offer weekly Q&A live calls. This is where you can ask more detailed questions about something you may be struggling with. Joining these calls and hearing other people's questions is also really helpful for your growth within the field. 

How can I get Private Practice clients after I complete the program?

In the program, we go over the best way to attract clients in the mental health field. We also have a referral list that we offer you to join for free for the first year. This referral list is a great way to get noticed by private practice owners that are in need of a virtual assistant. Because we are well-known in the mental health field we are a trusted referral source for private practice owners. 

How soon can I start my VA business after I enter the program?

We understand that everyone learns at a different pace. However, according to the participants we have had complete the program, the average amount of time it will take to get your first client is about 1 month. Your first client will pay off your initial investment.

Can I have a successful VA business and only offer one service? 

The program goes over three different types of services. Calls and scheduling, billing, and marketing. We find that if you offer all three services you are more likely to get more clients. However, we have had many people complete the program and offer only one service and they do well. We find that if you offer all three services you will need fewer clients to make your desired income. If you offer only one service you will need to take on more clients to reach your desired income. 

What is my ROI (return on investment) for the Mental Health VA Training Program?

Depending on how your structure your business you should receive your return on investment with your first client. For example: If you have 1 client and there is a 10 hour monthly minimum for each category and that client uses you for two categories and you charge $35 per hour you will make $700 minimum for that client each month. That is a great return on investment! 

What services can I offer being a stay at home Mom or Dad?

When Blair and Leta started their VA business they were both at home with young kids. It wasn't easy but they made it happen. Depending on your personal situation we suggest that you take on Marketing and billing if you have small children that you feel will make it harder for you to answer live calls. You can also offer calls and scheduling services via text and email. Some clients are open to this option. 

How long will it take to replace my fulltime income?

This will vary according to your drive and personal goals. Leta was able to replace her full-time income as a payroll specialist within 3 months of starting her business with no guidance on how to run or operate her business. The tolls we provide you will empower you to take on as many clients as you need to replace your income. Our weekly live calls will support you as you grow your VA business. 

Do I need to quit my fulltime job to start my VA business?

Leta indeed quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of having her own business. However, you don't need to do that. In fact, if you have a full-time job I suggest that you take it slow and have a goal in mind to meet before you quit your full-time job. You want to make sure you have money saved to prepare for any type of business setbacks. They can happen to any business. 

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