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Best Books That Shaped My Virtual Assistant Business

Updated: May 26, 2023

The best advice I can give to new assistance starting a virtual assistance company is to keep learning. Constantly read books that align with the new skill set you are trying to acquire. I remember reading books for my business and when I completed it I said to myself what did I learn? In that moment the answer was I am not really sure. But once I started to grow my business I realized that I did it with the guidance from the books I read. Sometimes it takes a second read of the same book for things to soak in but overall there was always a benefit to reading books. Reading books is also a great way to change or gain the right mindset when it comes to running a business. Below is a list of books that really helped shape my VA and consulting business.

The E Myth by Michael Gerber - This book points out all of the reasons most small businesses fail. It really helped me to understand that Processes and Procedures are the secret sauce for my business. It also explains to you how to overcome business challenges.It was a really great book that I often read over and over again. Everytime I read it I learn something new.

Atomic Habits by James Clear - This book is more of a recommendation on a personal level that will eventually feed over to your practice. For example, I started reading this book to make meditation a habit. Once I used the information I learned from this book to achieve my new habit, I realized that I could also do the same regarding business. Before I knew it, I had new business habits that transformed my business completely.

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson - This book is hands down the best book to understand marketing. It walks you through how to present yourself socially. It leads you to the perfect email marketing plan, and it will give you the confidence needed to be a leader and create a following that is needed to yield the results you are looking for.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey - This is where I learned all about values, personal, and business. This book taught me that as long as my values were first that everything else would align. I read this book at least once a year as I am always learning something new each time.

The Purpose Factor by Brian and Gabrielle Bosche - This book helped me to understand my true purpose. It opened my eyes to the path that led to the programs I now offer. It also validated that my dreams to help others in the mental health field was a dream that I could make come true. Whenever I feel a bit discouraged in the direction I am going I read this book again and gain the confidence I need to keep going.

You are a bada** at making money by Jen Sincero - This book allows you to understand the mindset needed to make the money you desire. It really puts the money side of business into perspective. It is a money mindset shift that is needed to have a profitable business.

Most of these books can be read FREE with an Audible Subscription. You can also read more books if you listen to them while completing lower level tasks like cleaning the house, driving a long distance, gardening, folding clothes, mainly any task that isn't a high level task- Atomic habits reference.

PRO Tip!

Create a book journal. Get a journal that is designated for books that you are currently reading, and write down the portions you plan to use or areas you know you need improvement on from reading the book. I have read many books and often forgotten what the book was about, or I just can't remember the useful tools the book provided. I go over my book journal often and use all of the tools that have been given to me through the book to help make business decisions. I hope this list of books helps you just as much as it has helped me and my business. This one is one of my favorites, but there are hundreds of other options that will best fit your needs.

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